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Local 580 News:.
i3/19i- The UPS Ohio Rider was passed by the membership. The vote count results were: 2,249 yes, 2,076 no.
i1/31i- UPS Indianapolis Local 135 Rider passes.
i1/30i- UPS Western Pennsylvania Supplement voted down.
i1/29i- NTSB to hold hearing on UPS crash in Birmingham.
i1/14i- Michigan's Right To Work For Less fight rages on.
12/18 - UPS LAI supplement passes, five supplements and riders remain to be ratified.
10/28 - UPS TCI Supplement passes (Trailer Conditioner Inc, part of UPS).
10/11 - Vote results announced for 7 UPS local supplements and riders. Six supplements or riders passed, including Central Region and Michigan. Eleven more supplements must be approved before the national agreement goes into effect.
10/02 - Update on the UPS contract situation.
9/18 - Ballots for seven UPS Supplements/Riders, including Central Region and Michigan Rider, to be mailed September 18.
9/04 - TeamCare improvements announced for UPS Teamsters.
8/20 - UPS Contract downloads:
   National Master United Parcel Service Agreement.
   Central Region Supplemental Agreement.
   State of Michigan Rider.


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Teamster International News:
i4/3i- UPS Fires Hundreds Of Workers Who Defended Fired Colleague
ii4/2i- California Teamsters Call On US Foods To Recognize Union, Provide Security For Workers
i4/1i- BMWED/Teamsters Issue Rail Safety Report
i3/31i- NLRB Impounds Ballots In Taylor Farms Teamster Election
i3/29i- NetJets' Unions Say Contract Talks Dragging
i3/28i- Teamsters Weigh In On Ruling Allowing College Athletes to Form Unions
i3/27i- BMWED/Teamsters At Amtrak Win Wage Increases
ii3/27i- A Brief Glimpse Of Human Rights Advances In The Teamsters
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